Job opportunities in business and human rights

Readers of the blog may be interested in two job opportunities, based in Dublin, currently being advertised by Article One. The positions are Manager, Human Rights (EMEA) and Associate, Human Rights, Responsible Innovation and Sustainability (EMEA). Here is the job spec for the first:

The Manager, Human Rights (EMEA) plays a key role in delivering on our mission by managing consulting projects, supporting the development of new project opportunities, leading events and communications, and improving operational effectiveness. We are looking for a Manager who brings an entrepreneurial and collaborative disposition, recognizing that as a small and fast-growing company, we take an “all-hands on deck” approach.

The Manager’s primary focus will be on the management and implementation of human rights, responsible innovation and sustainability consulting projects. This includes developing work plans, drafting deliverables, and managing project teams. The remaining time will be focused on supporting the development of new business opportunities, managing events and communications, and advancing Article One’s operational excellence. 

For the Associate role, “you will work with leading global companies to advance respect for human rights and the environment. Your primary focus will be supporting client projects, including through research, analysis, stakeholder interviews, and project management support.”

Full details and information on how to apply are available here.

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