New Editorial Team for the Business and Human Rights in Ireland Blog

I am delighted to announce that Dr Rachel Widdis, Dr Ciara Hackett and Gerry Liston have joined the Business and Human Rights blog as co-editors. Each brings with them a wealth of experience in the field of business and human rights, both nationally and globally, not to mention having blogged regularly on various business and human rights issues. Readers can look forward to contributions from the co-editors, as well as guest posts and announcements relating to developments concerning business and human rights in Ireland. Much has happened in business and human rights, including in the Irish context, since the blog was set up eight years ago, and I am really pleased to have Rachel, Ciara and Gerry involved, to learn more about their work and research, and to gain their insights as developments in this space continue to unfold. Welcome to the blog!

* * *

Dr Rachel Widdis lectures in Business and Human Rights in the School of Law Trinity College Dublin. Rachel also acts as an expert consultant on legal and regulatory developments in this field, including for Government departments and corporations. Recent projects include developing a proposal for Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence legislation in Ireland for the Irish Coalition for Business and Human Rights. Her PhD (2021) concerns the development of corporate accountability for adverse impacts on human rights, in particular litigation against parent companies linked to the operations of subsidiaries in third countries. Rachel holds Masters degrees in Business and in Law, and is an independent non-executive director on a State Board. Her advocacy work has included victims’ rights, trafficking in human beings, and as an expert advisor on research in refugee camps. Rachel previously held senior management positions in Structured Finance in ABN-AMRO Luxembourg, EMEA Business Development in Paris and as a Financial Analyst in Citigroup in London. You can follow Rachel @WiddisRachel

Dr. Ciara Hackett is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Law at Queen’s University Belfast. Her research focuses on the intersection of business and human rights.  Her background is in Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Tort law.  Her approach to Business and Human Rights focuses on corporate obligations to respect human rights and the impact that this has on the remedy landscape.  Her interest in remedy charts both judicial and non-judicial aspects of remedy, with a particular interest in the National Contact Point structure. In addition to publishing in a wide range of academic journals, she has contributed to reports, consultations, policy documents and blog posts within Northern Ireland, the UK and further afield. You can follow Ciara @ciara_hackett 

Gerry Liston is a Legal Officer with the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN), a PhD candidate at the Irish Centre for Human Rights and a qualified solicitor (Ireland). His work in the field of business and human rights covers a range of issues, with a particular focus on tackling the trade in goods produced in circumstances involving serious human rights violations and/or environmental destruction. He also leads GLAN’s work in supporting six Portuguese youth-applicants pursue their climate case against 33 States before the European Court of Human Rights. He has worked on business and human rights-related legal initiatives at both the domestic and international levels, involving various types of judicial and non-judicial mechanisms and before the Oireachtas (Irish parliament). He has also taught and published in the field of Business and Human Rights. You can follow Gerry @gerry_liston

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