Call for tenders: Access to Remedy, Due Diligence, Business and Human Rights Treaty

There are currently two calls for tenders for research on business and human rights topics in Ireland. The first is from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which is seeking:

A consultant to review how best to ensure remedy for potential victims overseas of human rights abuses by companies domiciled in Ireland, with a focus on barriers to justice, including legal, procedural or financial barriers – as per recommendation 15 of Ireland’s National Plan on Business and Human Rights and the independent “baseline assessment of legislative and regulatory framework”.

The deadline for submission of a tender is 10 June 2020, and full details are available here.

The second call is from the newly-formed Irish Coalition for Business and Human Rights, which is looking to develop two position papers on the topics of mandatory human rights due diligence and the proposed business and human rights treaty. These two issues are at the heart of the Coalition’s purpose:

The Irish Coalition for Business and Human Rights (ICBHR) is a grouping of civil society organisations, focused on progressing corporate accountability and Irish leadership in promoting business and human rights, both at home and abroad. The key purpose of the coalition is to collaborate and advocate strategically to achieve legally binding regulations for corporations in relation to human rights in Ireland, while supporting the ongoing international business and human rights treaty discussions.

The Coalition is seeking legal expertise on business and human rights for the development of two papers, one on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence in Ireland and the other on the proposed international treaty on business and human rights. Both will be used by the coalition for lobbying efforts with the Irish government. The deadline for expressions of interest is 5 June 2020. See the full details on the Activelink website.

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