Calls for submissions from the Business and Human Rights Journal

The Business and Human Rights Journal continues to be one of the primary focal points and outlets for scholarly work in the field of business and human rights. The Journal has two calls out at the moment which are worth highlighting.

The first call is for articles or developments in the field submissions for a Special Thematic Issue of the Business and Human Rights Journal on ‘Business, Human Rights and Security’. The issue is being edited by Mary Footer and Nigel White of the University of Nottingham School of Law. Submissions might address:

  • theoretical and methodological approaches to business, human rights and security
  • the alignment of business & human rights and security standards in the state-business-security nexus; 
  • the emerging regulatory framework for private and military security providers in the protection of business and human rights
  • the securitization of business activities and its effect on human rights
  • business, human rights and security under the UN Guiding Principles and/or CSR instruments
  • the integration of human rights and security considerations incorporating due diligence procedures (including in supply chains) to avoid complicity in human rights abuses
  • the role of corporate complicity in, and accountability for, human rights abuses in conflict- affected and fragile states
  • corporate and government accountability, and redress for victims of human rights abuses arising from business, that affect the security of the individual or community
  • empirical studies, arising from qualitative research, including fieldwork on the relationship between business, human rights and security

For those interested in making a submission, the editors are seeking extended abstracts of about 1000 words plus a bibliography by 30 September 2017. The abstract should be sent to Further details are available here

* * *

The second call from the Journal is for submissions to a specialised blog series that it is running in advance of the 2017 United Nations business and human rights forum and focusing on realising access to remedy. Here is how the organisers have described the purpose of the series:

The present Forum blog series is meant to be an online platform for pre-Forum dialogue around the themes and topics of the 2017 Forum to share information about ongoing work in an accessible way. The blog will be hosted on the website of the Business and Human Rights Journal (BHRJ). All stakeholders and interested parties are encouraged to contribute. […]
We encourage all stakeholder groups to contribute, and hope to see contributions from commentators in civil society, labour, business, government, international organizations, community groups, academia, lawyers and others. The diversity in contributions in terms of views, gender and regions is strongly encouraged. We hope the blog series will spur critical and creative thinking on the 2017 Forum theme, and look forward to the dialogue!

For those interested in contributing, you are encouraged to write to David Birchall (BHRJ fellow), and cc: the UN Forum Secretariat,, indicating “Forum Blog” in the subject line. Further details on the blog series are available here.

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