New book: Building a Treaty on Business and Human Rights

Cambridge University Press will shortly publish an exciting new book entitled Building a Treaty on Business and Human Rights; Context and Contours. The book is edited by Surya Deva, of the City University of Hong Kong and the United Nations Working Group on business and human rights, and David Bilchitz, of the University of Johannesburg. The collection features many of the leading commentators on business and human rights who address the challenges and opportunities presented by an international treaty on the subject. As the publishers put it:

The calls for an international treaty to elaborate the human rights obligations of transnational corporations and other business enterprises have been rapidly growing, due to the failures of existing regulatory initiatives in holding powerful business actors accountable for human rights abuses. In response, Building a Treaty on Business and Human Rights explores the context and content of such a treaty. Bringing together leading academics from around the world, this book engages with several key areas: the need for the treaty and its scope; the nature and extent of corporate obligations; the role of state obligations; and how to strengthen remedies for victims of human rights abuses by business. It also includes draft provisions for a proposed treaty to advance the debate in this contentious area and inform future treaty negotiations. This book will appeal to those interested in the fields of corporate social responsibility and business and human rights.

I was very pleased to be able to contribute a chapter on the potential role of criminal law in an business and human rights treaty, and to put forward a draft article on this. I am sure the book will make a valuable contribution to the ongoing debate and work towards a treaty on business and human rights.

For those interesting in buying the book, a flyer with 20% discount is available here: building-a-treaty-on-business-final-flyer.pdf.

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