‘The Power Company – ​When a Company becomes more powerful than a State’ Galway, 23 July

As part of its ‘First Thought Talks’ programme, this year’s Galway International Arts Festival has an event entitled ‘The Power Company – ​When a Company becomes more powerful than a State’. Two speakers, Rebecca MacKinnon and Bennet Freeman, will address issues of corporate responsibility and human rights, and both have impressive track records in this area:

Rebecca MacKinnon author, TED Talker and broadcaster is director of the Ranking Digital Rights project which sets global standards for how technology companies should respect freedom of expression and privacy. Bennett Freeman works to promote corporate responsibility and human rights around the world. He chairs the Advisory Board Of Global Witness, was Senior Vice President for Sustainability, Research and Policy at Calvert Investments 2006-15, and served as a US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State 1999-2001.

In order to tackle issues relating to business and human rights, Rebecca MacKinnon has put it that ‘We need to reset ourselves to a much more cynical place and proceed on that basis’. Should be a fascinating talk.

The event takes place at 11.30am on Sunday 23 July, in the O’Donoghue Theatre at NUI Galway. Tickets are €10 and available here.

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