Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy Summer School – last call for applications

In June, NUI Galway will host the 11th Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy summer school. Under the direction Nick Danziger, an internationally renowned practitioner in the field of human rights documentary making, and Claudia Modonesi, human rights expert and media trainer, and jointly organised by the Huston School of Film & Digital Media and the Irish Centre for Human Rights, the programme attracts “talented filmmakers, human rights professionals, and activists from across the world who wish to engage in an exciting training course where ideas and projects are shared, developed and challenged by fellow participants and internationally acclaimed experts of film, television, photography and human rights”. As to the course contents:

The 10-day programme consists of eight teaching sessions, workshops and film screenings that combine human rights expertise and media studies. Sessions develop issues relating to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a History of Human Rights Cinema, Freedom of Expression and Censorship, the Use of Video in Human Rights Documentation and Advocacy, Producing Social Documentaries, the Role of Media in Period of Conflict and Production and Distribution of Human Rights Films. Each module is illustrated by film or documentary screenings. Elements of the summer school include information on the fundamentals of human rights, how to raise awareness of human rights on camera, developing a project proposal and how these ideas should be pitched.

The Summer School takes place from 16-25 June 2016 in , Galway, Ireland, and the last call for applications has just been made, with an application deadline of 30 April.

More info at:
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