Trinity College Dublin Workshop on key EU development in CSR Reporting

The Law School at Trinity College Dublin will host a workshop in the coming weeks on the implications of EU Directive 2014/95 on Non-Financial Reporting. The introduction of this Directive is significant for corporate social responsibility in Europe, requiring as it will mandatory reporting by large companies over a certain size. The workshop will be of interest to those working in the increasingly overlapping fields of corporate social responsibility and business and human rights. Here are the workshop details:

The Non-Financial Reporting Directive 2014/95/EU breaks new regulatory ground in requiring Member States to legislate by 6 December 2016 in relation to mandatory sustainability reporting for large companies using a ‘comply or explain’ model.

Previously corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) had been viewed as essentially voluntary by the EU for a long time and globally regulation has proved largely elusive. Nonetheless many companies have embraced CSR and have sought voluntary certification to show their engagement with sustainability. Transparent sustainability reporting provides material which enables stakeholders to engage with companies in relation to the adoption of socially responsible business practices in areas such as conditions of employment, environmental impact and human rights.

Against this background, this event considers engagement with corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Ireland and reporting and regulatory challenges and pitfalls. Relevant themes to be explored will include sustainability and diversity as sound business practice, the role of voluntary accreditation schemes and appropriate sustainability reporting frameworks.

The discussion will also focus on likely regulatory outcomes of implementation of the Directive in relation to corporate sustainability disclosures will also be examined from the perspectives of both regulator and affected companies.

The organisers have assembled speakers from both academia and practice, in what promises to be a very informative event. Full registration details are available here.

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