Business and Human Rights Journal – Call for Papers #BHRJ

A call for papers has been issued for the new Business and Human Rights Journala forthcoming peer-reviewed academic journal which is to be published by Cambridge University Press. This journal seeks to “provide an authoritative platform for scholarly debate on all issues concerning the interface of business and human rights in an open, critical and interdisciplinary manner. It aims to publish original and diverse works of the highest scholarly quality examining any relevant issue from theoretical, empirical and policy/reform-oriented perspective”. The journal will also include a “Developments in the Field” section, comprising shorter pieces highlighting “key policy, legal and regulatory developments, as well as case studies and insight pieces by academics, practitioners, human rights advocates, and policy-makers”.

The Editors welcome scholarly articles on all relevant topics, and have provided the following illustrative list:

  • Nature and extent of corporate human rights responsibilities
  • Justifications – moral, philosophical, ethical, legal or economic – for human rights responsibilities of business actors
  • Applied ethics works concerned with BHR generally or focused on particular BHR issues arising in the context of transnational business
  • Managerial perspectives on BHR
  • Role of responsible business cultures for respecting human rights
  • Ethical leadership perspectives on BHR
  • Need for international instrument(s) to regulate behaviour of businesses
  • Legal and ethical concerns regarding Chinese state-owned enterprises operating in Africa and other countries
  • Evolving human rights responsibility of BRICS multinationals in their overseas operations
  • Role of states in ensuring business respect for human rights through regulation and policy such as procurement reform
  • Regulation of private military and security companies
  • Corporate criminal liability for egregious human rights violations
  • Liability of a parent company for the conduct of its subsidiaries
  • Judicial and non-judicial mechanisms of corporate accountability
  • Feasibility and possible basis for extraterritorial regulation of businesses
  • National Action Plans (NAPs) to implement United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • Theory and practice of due diligence, including the management of supply chains by companies
  • Corporate tax evasion and its impact on states’ human rights responsibilities
  • Relevance of human rights in bilateral or multilateral investment and trade treaties
  • Corporate environmental pollution
  • Corporate governance and human rights
  • Relation between BHR and corporate social responsibility

Further details are available on the dedicated Business and Human Rights Journal page on the Cambridge University Press website.

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