New Business and Human Rights Journal announced

Cambridge University Press has just announced the new Business and Human Rights Journal. I am very pleased to have been invited to join the Editorial Board, as the Journal will inevitably be a major focal-point for academic scholarship in this ever-growing field. The Journal will launch in 2016, and will be published twice a year. Here is the press release from Cambridge:

Announcing the Business and Human Rights Journal

We are pleased to announce that in 2016, Cambridge University Press will launch the Business and Human Rights Journal.

The Business and Human Rights Journal (BHRJ) will provide an authoritative platform for scholarly debate on all issues concerning the intersection of business and human rights in an open, critical and interdisciplinary manner. It seeks to advance the academic discussion on business and human rights as well as promote concern for human rights in business practice.

The founding Editors-in-Chief of the journal are Professors Surya Deva (City University of Hong Kong), Anita Ramasastry (University of Washington), Michael Santoro (Rutgers Business School) and Florian Wettstein (University of St. Gallen).

In a joint statement the founding Editors said; “In recent years we have seen exceptional growth of high quality scholarly work in business and human rights. We realized that it was the right time to start an authoritative, inter-disciplinary journal that will help define this emerging field for decades to come. We are especially excited to be partnering with CUP, an academic press with the highest academic standards. BHRJ will also strive to be directly relevant to business and human rights teachers and practitioners who are helping business organizations to understand and implement their human rights responsibilities.”

Publishing twice a year, BHRJ will strive for the broadest possible scope, authorship and readership. Its scope encompasses interface of any type of business enterprise with human rights, environmental rights, labour rights and the collective rights of vulnerable groups.

On behalf of Cambridge University Press, Ella Colvin, Director of Publishing, Social Sciences added; “We are delighted to add the Business and Human Rights Journal to our expanding journals programme. This is the first journal fully dedicated to the discipline that genuinely straddles law and business. It is crucial that BHRJ reaches both markets and the practitioners and scholars that work within them. Cambridge is thrilled to develop this exciting new project with the editorial team.”

The first issue of BHRJ to be published with Cambridge University Press will be available in Spring 2016.

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