Summer schools on business and human rights

The summer school season is approaching, and a number of Universities are now offering courses specifically addressed to business and human rights which may be of interest to readers of the blog. The Venice School of Human Rights includes business and human rights as one of its specialisations on offer this year. Tilburg University, in the Netherlands, has a course on business and human rights running from 14-18 July, given by Nicola Jägers & Daniel Augenstein.  In the United States, a business and human rights course taught by Joanne Bauer is included in a human rights certificate program offered by Columbia’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights. At the Irish Centre for Human Rights, we have our own summer school on the International Criminal Court, which will include a lecture by Dr Nadia Bernaz of Middlesex University on corporate crimes.

UPDATE: Dr Christoph Good has written to let me know of the University of Zurich’s two week summer course on business and human rights running from 22 June to 5 July 2014. This ERASMUS course is run in conjunction with several European universities under the title Business and Human Rights – Interdisciplinary Challenges and Opportunities. This year’s course focuses on finance and investment.

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