“Human Rights, Bloody Human Rights” – Belfast and Dublin workshops on business and human rights

For those interested in the issue of holding companies to account for human rights violations, a very unique event will be touring Ireland and the UK in the coming weeks. The project is entitled ‘Human Rights, Bloody Human Rights’ and it aims to promote public, practice and policy level engagement on this important subject through an interactive forum-style workshop. The project is based on corporate human rights abuse case studies prepared by Professor Alan Dignam of Queen Mary University of London and Amnesty International, but the event will also be presented by the Menagerie Theatre Company, having been developed by the School of Law in association with Queen Mary Drama.

The workshop will focus on access to information, issues of communication with affected communities, the role of lawyers, corporate group liability and relevant government policies. The project aims to “present the core of some of the recurring issues in problematic case studies of private corporate power and engage the workshop participants in feeding back perceptions and potential solutions to the problematic exercise of private power”. The organisers have a friendly warning for participants:

But beware! This is not a performance in which to sit back and relax. It is your chance to get involved in the debate, to share your perceptions, questions and potential answers to the problems raised. Focusing on business and human rights, the workshop unpicks the social, cultural, political forces at play within real-life scenarios and aims towards informed solutions. Overturn the democratic deficit with this engaging and imaginative approach to addressing these thorny questions.

The workshop will be held in Belfast (Oct 17) and Dublin (Oct 18) – details are available here.

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