Big business and low-cost drugs – film screening in Galway

As part of the 8×8 Documentary Film Festival organised by Suas, there will be a screening of ‘Fire in the Blood’ at NUI Galway on Wednesday September 25th. This documentary films looks at how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments have blocked access to low-cost AIDS drugs in Africa and elsewhere. The film shows how these actions have lead to millions of unnecessary deaths and triggered a movement to gain access to these life-saving medicines. This film brings up issues including the HIV/AIDS crisis, the role of big business in development, inequality in access to medicine and campaigns from the Global South. It has received some excellent reviews:

“makes its case with cold, irrefutable logic…only an unthinking monster could leave the cinema unmoved and unenlightened.”  (Donald Clarke, Irish Times)

“quietly devastating… a testament to human decency and a damning indictment of laissez-faire capitalism.” (Phillip French, Guardian/Observer)

‘Fire in the Blood’ will be screened at 7pm in the Kirwan Theatre, NUIG on Wednesday 25th September and there will be a panel discussion afterwards in which I hope to participate. A trailer for the film can be viewed here.

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