An introduction to the blog

Welcome to the Business and Human Rights in Ireland blog. The blog is dedicated to tracking and analysing developments relating to business and human rights in Ireland. It aims to address legal and policy issues, as well as highlighting human rights concerns raised by the activities of Irish companies or multinational corporations based in Ireland. While the focus is on Ireland, I hope to bring an international perspective on business and human rights, and draw on developments taking place at the United Nations and other international organisations, as well as regionally and in national contexts. Over the coming months, the blog will highlight developments and news stories from recent years that are of relevance to business and human rights in Ireland.

I have been teaching a business and human rights course at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland Galway, for the past few years and have always had an interest on corporate responsibility and accountability. Ireland has frequently cropped up in classroom discussions, largely because of the controversy over Shell’s activities in Mayo, and because many large multinational corporations have their European headquarters in Ireland. News stories crop up regularly showing the involvement of Irish companies in human rights violations, such as Dublin-based companies supplying surveillance technology to Syria and Iran.

In April 2012, the Irish Centre for Human Rights held a conference on the United Nations Framework for Business and Human Rights and its relevance for Ireland. We produced a detailed report, ‘Business and Human Rights in Ireland’, that drew on the UN Framework and Guiding Principles and made a list of recommendations for the Government and others. I hope to use the blog to highlight any developments arising out of this report.

Questions, comments and suggestions always welcome.

Enjoy the blog!

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